, 08/2013, by Plaas, Oxfam, Future Agriculture and Action Aid

"We the panellists1 at this first Pan African Land Grab Hearing having listened to presentations on land grabs in Africa and heard from witnesses to nine specific...

, 08/2013, by Justine Mounet

"En 2012, déjà 754 transferts internationaux de terres, représentant 56,2 millions d’hectares de terres, avaient été recensés en Afrique, soit 4,8 % de la surface agricole du continent.


, 07/2013, by UN Special Rapporteur on the rights of indigenous peoples

"The worldwide drive to extract and develop minerals and fossil fuels (oil, gas and coal), coupled with the fact that much of what remains of these natural resources...

, 08/2013, by Sophie Chao (Editor), Marcus Colchester, Jonas Dalliner, Su Mei Toh, Chan Kiev, Indriaswati Saptaningrum, Mark Anthony Ramirez and Juan Pulhin

"The aim of the studies presented in this report  has been to pull together in a simple form, updated information about large-scale land acquisitions in the...

, 08/2013, by GRAIN, Acción Ecológica, Grupos Semillas y otras

"Es largo el brazo del acaparamiento alimentario, porque el sistema de corporaciones y agroindustrias quiere apoderarse de toda la cadena alimentaria —como tanto...

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