Land acquisition and accumulation in Tanzania

The case of Morogoro, Iringa and and Pwani Regions
Authors: Chambi Chachage
Date of publication: 05/2011
Organization of reference: Pelum Tanzania

"The main objective of the study was to establish reliable and evidence based information on land acquisition and accumulation in Tanzania and its effects on small-scale producers such as smallholder farmers and livestock keepers. This will inform PELUM’s founding role of enabling “civil societies in rural areas to come together to facilitate learning, networking and advocacy in sustainable ecological land use.”

Thus, in the case of Tanzania, the study specifically aims to:
(i) Identify the main types/forms of land acquisition and accumulation currently taking place
(ii) Describe the companies and other players involved in land acquisition and accumulation
(iii) Analyze the processes of land acquisition and accumulation in relation to land grabbing
(iv) Determine the current and intended use of such acquired land with specific case studies
(v) Evaluate the benefits and/or negative effects of land acquisition and accumulation on villages and small-scale producers particularly smallholder farmers and livestock keepers"

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